History Of Jordan Basketball Shorts And Brand

Published: 26th April 2011
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Nike was not always a smooth sail company. It was having major problems in 1984. The products were no longer sought after and in turn the sales began to falter. They were placed in a difficult position with no foreseeable way out and needed new innovative ideas soon. Simultaneously, Michael Jordan was just beginning his career and accepting new endorsements, so Nike decided to cast their luck in him. To their dismay they found that Michael opted for Adidas and Converse instead because his college head Coach was already endorsing them. However, those companies already held big names on their hands and were not offering a better option than Nike and Adidas was not interested in Jordan. David Falk, Michael's agent at the time, discussed the benefits with Michael and the brand of Jordan basketball shorts and shoes.

During this year and time, no one corporation was willing to place so much money and faith in and athlete and a rookie at that. That type of marketing strategy was not developed. There was also the ambivalence based upon disappointing results previously.

However, Nike saw something really extraordinary in Michael. They were willing to bet everything they had on him. They fell in love with his personality, heart, and charisma. They just knew he was going to be a star and they wanted to be part of the process. After much persuasion and a special video presentation, Michael finally agreed to make the deal with Nike.

Michael signed a five year contract worth $2.5 million plus royalties and other fringe benefits. The first Jordan logo was created by Peter Moore. It was a basketball being held up by wings. The launch of the first shoe turned the industry upside down. The color made a bold statement, and they were later banned by the NBA, but Jordan wore them anyway.

Convincing Michael to say yes was the toughest task of the whole thing. They lost two designers after some success because they wanted to start their own business. This was probably the best thing that happened for the business. Tinker Hatfield almost single handedly revolutionized the whole design process once he came on board and is owed a lot of credit for the success of the line.

In 1987, the logo was changed to the familiar Jumpman logo that we all recognize today. This logo is now on everything that comes from the line including, shorts, t-shirts, sweats, accessories, and everything else. Jordan became separate from Nike in 1997 and the famous Nike Swoosh is no longer included on the apparel.

Among the new incorporated brand shorts is Baseline, Fadeaway, Warm Up, Remix and Warm Up performance. These were the most wanted sports apparel of all time. However, good quality was acquired at a price and many paid willingly.

It is a household name and people of all ages and social levels are eager to wear its newest shoes and clothes. The designers have done a great job incorporating Michael's ideas and life. There is no doubt that the legacy will continue long after he is gone.

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